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Deborah Humphrey Corporate Coach & Wellbeing Consultant

Underpinning everything I do is an interest in people and creativity. I am a qualified, person-centred coach and group facilitator, which means your agenda is always central to my practice.

With extensive experience working with people at different stages of life, facing different challenges and issues, I am always aware of the need to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and teams. I have experience of working in large organisations and can work in partnership with you, to review coaching and/or wellbeing strategies.

“Deborah is an excellent facilitator, she is warm intuitive and supportive.”
“Deborah created and delivered a great wellbeing workshop for Freshers at Oxford SU. Deborah was professional, warm and approachable and the workshop was well-received by students, who gave excellent feedback.”


Ongoing coaching for employee development and wellbeing. A bespoke service, working closely with organisations, combining 1:1 and group coaching, workshops, support for line managers, new and emerging leaders, and coaching assessment as required.


An ongoing focus on employee wellbeing, this bespoke service involves working closely with organisations, combining 1:1 and groups.

Utilizing a ‘wellbeing 360’ assessment of organisational wellbeing (either against or in order to develop a wellbeing strategy), interviews, workshops, observation, and a review of sickness & absence.


Working to Global Code of Ethics for Coaching, providing 1:1 coaching for employee development. A package of six sessions of up to 1.5 hours each, working on goals identified by both employee and employer.

Includes initial 1-hour consultation and wrap-up meeting to review progress and future goals. Coaching sessions are evidence-based and client-centred, using proven coaching techniques focussed on employee goals. Some sessions will require homework to be completed between sessions, to enhance development, with an opportunity for employees to collaborate on a reflection of learning & development report. A confidential and safe space for employees to share, that could relate to multiple topics like personal & career challenges, career aspirations, internal conflicts, development opportunities, leadership development, work-life balance, organisational change, and redundancies.


Initial 1-hour consultation to establish the aim of the coaching, followed by either a one-off session or series of sessions.

To cover: new teams and how they work together; group dynamics; identifying team goals & strategy; complex teams; internal conflicts; teams that are brought together due to organisational change; returning to the workplace and/or virtual working; post furlough.

Available for post-coaching consultation. Summary of the sessions provided. Available for teams of up to 12 max. For larger teams, multiple sessions would be required.


Save time and money in readiness for investment in coaching and ascertain if you are a ‘learning organisation’ that is development and growth focussed and ensure engagement levels are high to maximise coaching.

For departments or organisation specific. Designed to review readiness for coaching, in terms of: organisational structures, the rationale for coaching, what the employees understand about coaching & workplace culture, time & commitment to coaching, staff turnover, sickness & absence. To ensure coaching will be effective – are the organisational dynamics suitable for coaching, or do they need some work to ensure coaching is viable, effective & productive?

Includes an initial consultation, followed by a review of data, observing staff meetings, confidential interviews with staff (as individuals or as groups) with theme reporting. Lasts approximately 7 working days.


1:1 or group supervision and reflective practice for coaches, mentors and nurses. A specified number of sessions, typically lasting an hour each, focusing on practice. Initial 30-minute consultation to determine parameters of supervision. Max group size: 6


Group workshops, single 3-hour sessions, aimed at teams, departments, networks, or cross function groups. Topics: personal & organisational wellbeing, benefits of and understanding coaching, stress management, emotional resilience. More educational or part of a programme on a certain topic, information sharing. Group for up to 20 max. Initial 30-minute consultation.


I also offer bespoke sessions for private individuals or groups using expressive writing. This is a technique that can support people if they need to explore difficult issues in their lives or I can apply this approach to groups who are looking to engage in professional development.