During the pandemic I have been running words for wellbeing groups to support self care. The feedback has been great and participants have expressed surprise about what they have discovered. I have decided to use this blog post to share with you some activities so that you can try out some words for wellbeing. Use these tips to help support your self care during the coming months.

Free writing

I love stationery and I have many note books and journals around my house, if you are the same get one of them and your favourite pen. If you don’t have a notebook to hand, that is okay, just grab a pice of paper and a pen. Find yourself a space where you won’t be disturbed and set a timer for 10 minutes. And now, you just write till that timer pings. Some tips – just write, don’t worry what you are writing, spelling, grammar and making sense really don’t matter here. This is a space for you to let go and write what ever comes out. A way of doing this is to try and not take your pen off the paper or to overthink what you are doing. When you have finished, you can keep the writing, read it or scrunch it up and throw it away. Take a moment to sit and reflect, how do you feel now?

Words for wellbeing

Our current experience of Coronavirus is affecting our wellbeing as we live with uncertainty and change. At times like this many people resort to reading and writing poetry. It is also helpful to have a go at writing in response to a poem. I am not talking about reviewing a poem, just spending time writing down what it provokes in you. There is lot’s of evidence that this can help your self care and wellbeing. If you are stuck for a poem try https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/188127.Staying_Alive this anthology gives a good selection of poems that can match your mood. When you choose a poem read through it a couple of times, even read it out loud. Notice your response to the poem, did you feel that you responded to one line more that another? If so write about this, you may find it surprising what emerges.

Start a journal for self care

Keeping a journal has been proven to be effective in supporting wellbeing. Why not treat yourself to some lovely stationery, a new pen and get going. You can choose when and how often to write your journal. You could even build it in to a self care routine, at night you could start by making a warm drink, lighting some candles and putting on some relaxing music to accompany your writing. During the summer, writing in nature is a real pleasure and you will get the benefit of being outside as well as writing.

So, as Coronavirus changes and our lives become more uncertain, remember to look after yourself and your wellbeing. Words for Wellbeing is one way of doing focusing of your self care. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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