It was a year ago on a photography workshop that I first started to take a walk differently, and it has given a completely different perspective to being outdoors. I see taking a walk as a sensory experience, when I am outside I pay much greater attention to not only what I can see, but also what I smell, hear taste and touch I call this #takeawalkdifferently.

Yesterday whilst out, I noticed how the trees were changing, not just their leaves, but noticed the bare branches hidden behind those still plush with leaves.

Today’s prize was seeing some Shaggy Inkcap mushrooms, I didn’t taste or touch them as I didn’t know much about them. You can see a good description at

Other delights have been watching a pair of ravens ducking and diving, not coming too close, tasting some gorgeous blackberries and seeing a deer staring at me from behind a bush.

We all know that being in nature can have a positive impact on our wellbeing, so #takeawalkdifferently fits in with this mindset. It has been such a positive change for me. I now have some postcards that can be used to help with your sensory walk.

Please contact me for details….and don’t forget to share what you experience when you #takeawalkdifferently.

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