Have you ever considered how poetry can enhance your wellbeing?

Recently, I attended the poetry and science session at the International Science Festival in Oxford. As I was sat there I was reminded of the powerful impact of words and in particular poetry. Poetry has the ability to transform us, move us and to stimulate our thoughts and increase our wellbeing.

It was inspirational to see the children engaging with poetry and to hear their ideas, all of them looked happy and proud of their achievements. As we get older we become much more critical of our writing.

The purpose of the session was to hear the winning poems from the children’s poetry competition. What a moving event this was! Children as young as 5 climbed to the stage and read out their poems. The parents were busy taking photographs, and I am sure that I spied a tear or two. 


I also heard the the poet Kelley Swain. Kelley’s poems about the natural world were very thought provoking and extremely visual. Once I had left the building I wanted to look at the world around me differently.

Hearing and reading poems can sometimes change our perspective. It is for these reasons that I work with poetry and words as a means of supporting people to think about wellbeing and explore ideas that may be worrying them. 

If you would like to have a look at session using poetry and writing for wellbeing do get in touch with me.


At the moment (and especially) as we draw ever close to winter I am particularly taken with the poem by Miroslav Holub – The Door. I find that the visual image of peeping through the door (even when it is cold) very motivating

Have a read and let me know what it says to you. Which poems are you focusing on at the moment?

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