I regularly use poetry in my coaching and mentoring practice, or in my wellbeing groups. I use this as a creative way to help clients explore their thoughts and feelings. Some people find this a strange combination and often want to know more. And, despite this, poetry continues to become increasing popular! For many years we have used poetry, either reading or writing it when we have felt ourselves to be struggling.  This Friday (24th January) there will be a chance to find out more!

I will be talking alongside my colleague, Carl Tomlinson, at the Oxford Brookes Coaching & Mentoring Society. This talk will explore some of the theory and practice on using poetry and prose as a means of exploring our inner feelings.

You will also be able to hear how coaches can use poetry as a prompt for clients. And how this helps clients think about the issues that are causing challenges in their life. Do come along and listen and ask us questions. 

I will also give examples of poems that I have used in coaching and there will be a chance to give it a go.

So, are you curious to know more? Come along or drop me a line. Find out more information here.

Header photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Poetry in Coaching & Mentoring

  1. Hello Goodnight. I just saw a notice of your work. I just arrived in the UK and I’m looking for guidance to continue my work as an artist. You have to guide me? My name is Luciana and I don’t speak much English.

    1. Hi Luciana, Thanks for getting in touch. I’m looking forward to meeting you in March to see how I can help. Best wishes, Deborah

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