Happy New Year! I hope you are all feeling that you are adjusting in to 2020. It is a strange time for many of us, with pressure to change and become the ‘New You’. The increase in events such as Veganuary or Dry January, emphasise the call to change. There is nothing wrong with any of this, it just seems to add to the pressure to change.

I don’t like new year resolutions, and rarely make them. By the second week of January I have generally lost interest and then feel guilty. When I think about the pressure to make resolutions and to change ourselves, I wonder if it is more harm than good for our self-esteem.

However, despite this, I decided that this January I was going to improve my health and exercise regime. I did not plan how I was going to do this, although I did sign up for Red January. I ordered the t-shirt, tweeted my intent and was jolly pleased with myself. Come the end of December I was hit by Bronchitis and have therefore not met any of January goal. This doesn’t really matter because it was unlikely that on the 31st January I would have been the ‘new’ me, and I can start any time. 


And that is the point, we can start to think about our selves anytime. We can think about the areas of our life we want to focus on when it suits us. And, by starting to reflect on issues, we may realise that it is not our weight/drinking/exercise regime etc. that is the issue and it is something else altogether. 

So, if you are already struggling with your new year resolutions, take a break. When you start to think about what is it that really makes you want to review this area of your life; you may be surprised. One way of doing this is to try some ‘free-writing’. Go somewhere quiet, with a cuppa, pen and paper and set a timer. Then write for six minutes on your resolution, don’t worry about grammar, spelling anything, just write. This is for you, nobody will be looking at it apart from you. 

Why not give power to your writing hand and see what comes up, this may give you a different perspective on your resolution.

Me, well I am going to start practicing what I preach and once again a very happy new year!

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