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How do you know your coaching is working?

If you have clicked on this blog post chances are you are asking yourself how do you know your coaching is working. Coaching is a profession which is coming in to its own, more and more people access coaching and more people are becoming coaches. Once dominated by executives and very senior management, coaching is […]

A Wellbeing Strategy: Wellbeing at work

Pre-Covid it was easy to identify what we meant by the workplace, that has all changed. For a few people, it remains the traditional office environment. For many others, our workplace is much more confusing. The ‘new’ office space can be the shed, kitchen, sitting room – one colleague has had to change her bedroom […]

Words for Wellbeing: Self care

During the pandemic I have been running words for wellbeing groups to support self care. The feedback has been great and participants have expressed surprise about what they have discovered. I have decided to use this blog post to share with you some activities so that you can try out some words for wellbeing. Use […]

Coronavirus – 3 ways to help your workforce manage stress

There’s no getting away from it, stress related to Coronavirus has made a massive difference to the workforce; the way we work has changed forever. As we all look forward to returning to some sort of normality, stress in the workforce may present itself, as teams adapt as to the new environment. I’m sharing three […]

Am I good enough: Managing self-doubt

How often do you think ‘Am I good enough?’ Do you ever worry about getting ‘found out’ or finding that self-doubt is getting in the way of your progress. If the answer is yes to most to these questions it is likely that you are suffering from Imposter Syndrome. This is the horrible feeling, that […]

Poetry in Coaching & Mentoring

I regularly use poetry in my coaching and mentoring practice, or in my wellbeing groups. I use this as a creative way to help clients explore their thoughts and feelings. Some people find this a strange combination and often want to know more. And, despite this, poetry continues to become increasing popular! For many years […]

Happy New Year – Change Ahead?

Happy New Year! I hope you are all feeling that you are adjusting in to 2020. It is a strange time for many of us, with pressure to change and become the ‘New You’. The increase in events such as Veganuary or Dry January, emphasise the call to change. There is nothing wrong with any […]

Take a Walk Differently

It was a year ago on a photography workshop that I first started to take a walk differently, and it has given a completely different perspective to being outdoors. I see taking a walk as a sensory experience, when I am outside I pay much greater attention to not only what I can see, but […]

Poetry & Wellbeing: What are you reading today?

Have you ever considered how poetry can enhance your wellbeing? Recently, I attended the poetry and science session at the International Science Festival in Oxford. As I was sat there I was reminded of the powerful impact of words and in particular poetry. Poetry has the ability to transform us, move us and to stimulate our […]

Retirement Support: Transitions

I was really pleased to be asked to write a blog post for Age/Insider on retirement and mental health, and it made me really consider retirement support. How we look after our mental health at times of transition is important. Retirement is a key transition, one that we can often prepare for. But what about […]