How often do you think ‘Am I good enough?’ Do you ever worry about getting ‘found out’ or finding that self-doubt is getting in the way of your progress. If the answer is yes to most to these questions it is likely that you are suffering from Imposter Syndrome. This is the horrible feeling, that seems to affect more women than men, and makes us question our ability and doubt our competence – ‘Am I good enough?’


I did spend a long time in my previous career, waiting to be ‘found out’. But of course this was mainly in my head, because, I did well in my job, however, some days I was filled with self-doubt about my ability to perform. What wasted energy! It was a relief to find that I wasn’t alone and many of my female (and some male) colleagues felt the same. The writer, and speaker, Brene Brown advocates that instead of constantly questioning our abilities, we should accept our vulnerability. It is vulnerability that leads to the qualities we need to thrive.


One way I help people with imposter syndrome is through coaching. In some coaching sessions, I will ask that you start writing down what you feel when you think that you are not good enough or you are full of self-doubt. Why don’t you try this now, and see what happens. Writing our fears can reveal some of the hidden anxieties that we carry each day. Because, once we start to understand the underlying issues we can think about what we can do.


After you spend time writing about self-doubt, I will support you to challenge some of the perceptions that you are holding, by giving you a safe space to explore and understand your anxieties. We can then identify some of the actions you can take. This can be very simple. It may be to ask you to stop apologising in advance for everything you do, or asking you to think about how you introduce yourself. How many of us find it difficult to say what we are good at? Here is a challenge from my coaching sessions, go and stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself what are your 3 best qualities. What does that feel like? Let me know!

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