Writing for Wellbeing

Writing can help us understand ourselves and who we are, it can help us tap into our thoughts in a different way and help us to discover things that we have not been able to say.

Many of us will have used writing at different times in our life, often at times which are emotionally difficult. How many of us kept teenage diaries?

I recently discovered some hastily written teenage angst in the back of an old school diary. I was writing things that I couldn’t say to anyone. As we get older, many of us stop writing, hampered by time, or thinking that we are not good enough or we have memories of writing at school, and have no confidence.

The joy of writing for wellbeing is that nobody will critique your work, it’s not a classroom and you will never be asked to show your writing. In writing for wellbeing, we spend time using prompts to connect with feelings and different issues. The writing is for you and we will use it to explore feelings and reactions to the prompts. You will choose how much or how little you share.

I use writing for wellbeing with:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Workshops

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