I was really pleased to be asked to write a blog post for Age/Insider on retirement and mental health, and it made me really consider retirement support.

How we look after our mental health at times of transition is important. Retirement is a key transition, one that we can often prepare for. But what about the other transitions that we face in life. There are so many of them, new job, new house, bereavement, leaving school/university etc. Sometimes we expect that we can just glide through the changes without any hiccups. However…is this realistic?

Think about the last major change you made, did you know it was going to happen or was it a sudden life event that you were thrown in to. Although there may not be much in common between the two types of events we can look after ourselves and increase our internal resilience so that when these things happen we have a reserve of strength.

I find writing is a way for me to keep some focus and a sense of wellbeing. I try and write every day and this is tough,  I am trying to get in to the habit of not expecting perfection and just writing. Thank you to Megan Kerr one of my writing tutors for that advice. her website is called the writers green house.


If writing is not one of your go to practices, why don’t you give it ago. Try six minutes of free writing, I promise, it will go very quickly!  Get yourselves a pen and paper, set the timer, six minutes and just write. Try not to take your pen off the page and write whatever comes in to your mind. It is for nobody but you and don’t worry about grammar, spelling or it even making sense.

Have a go and let me know what you think? If you are interested in booking a coaching session, I’d love to hear from you.

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