How I Work

It is important to me that my work is underpinned by my belief in holistic and ethical practice. My approach is always centred on the person, teams or groups who have commissioned me.

CREATIVE – I will offer you an approach that is creative and give you the opportunity of using creative techniques. This will give you insights in to the issues you have raised and allow you to find creative solutions to the problems/challenges that you are facing.

CURIOUS – I am interested in you and your challenges, and my curiosity will encourage you to share your stories in the way that make sense to you.

EMPATHETIC – I believe that everyone has value and I will create a safe and supportive space for you to share your issues, without judgement.

Having an opportunity to explore my current position and feelings was very valuable to me. Deborah challenged me and observed and reflected back to me my thought processes using a very supportive approach. She was always available when I asked for a meeting and was very generous with her time and expertise.

I have been collaborating with Deborah on designing and delivering a group writing coaching project and found her input invaluable. Her creative approach and sensitivity to participants needs allowed us to shape an innovative and valuable offering for professionals.

I attended yesterday’s Writing for Wellbeing session. I wasn’t sure what to expect but really enjoyed myself. I hadn’t attempted to write a poem for 30+ years, and was surprised how easily I was able to write using the suggested exercises. The session felt safe and well lead. I felt relaxed and accomplished by the end. I would really recommend to anyone thinking of trying it.